Rustic Modern Country House

The Rustic Modern Country House is located on 28 rolling acres between the Cumberland Plateau and Blue Ridge Mountains in East Tennessee. The clients, a semi-retired couple, wanted a new 3,000 s.f. residence, designed to maximize the views, attached to an existing garage/studio structure. The solution is this Modern Country House. The mezzanine creates a dimension of drama and complexity to the great room, although all of the main living features are on one level, allowing for graceful ageing-in-place. The mezzanine loft gives access to two roof decks, and makes for extra bunk space for the grandkids when they come to visit.

The TV cabinet was sketched on site and custom fabricated from some of the mezzanine flooring planks, and the steel railings of the mezzanine were also hand-crafted by Earl Parson on site.