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Earl surveys the terrain prior to construction at the Rustic Modern Country House site.

Parson Architecture offers a wide range of services. If you have something in mind that doesn’t seem to fit neatly into one of the categories below, please contact us with your ideas! The fact is that no two projects are really alike, and we always love new challenges.

Pre-project Consultation

Are you interested in doing a project, yet unsure how to proceed? Whether your desire is to stay put in your existing-but-too-small home and add on, or build a new house from scratch, give us a call.

We love discussing your Big Dreams and project ideas, and we can help you figure out where to start or what to do next. After an initial conversation, if it seems like a good fit, we’ll happily schedule an appointment to meet with you in person to discuss your project ideas in more detail.

If you want to take things a step further, but don’t feel ready to commit to a full scope of services, we are often able to custom tailor a pre-project “concept design” package for a modest fee. (Of course, we’ll be doing our best to have you fall in love with our ideas, so be forewarned!)

Architectural Services

Our regular architectural services range from brand new, ground-up custom homes, to additions and interior remodeling. Whether we’re designing a small remodel or a grand new residence, our goal at Parson Architecture is to create places and spaces that resonate and connect with their inhabitants, providing an uplifting framework for living.

Although our base is in Los Angeles, we have successfully completed major residential projects in Indiana and Tennessee, and our Sarasota, Florida house is now under construction. With today’s available technology, it’s easier than ever to complete successful long-distance projects. If you like our approach to the work, don’t let distance keep you from reaching out and contacting us with your new project ideas.

We also do commercial and institutional projects, and have completed multiple successful projects in the Child Day Care sector. Past commercial clients have included LePort Schools of Irvine, California (for multiple projects), The Irvine Company Retail Properties, as well as individual smaller businesses and property owners.