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At Parson Architecture, we believe in Great Design. We also understand all too well that great design doesn’t “just happen.” Crafting great architecture requires a clearly defined process, and carefully focused effort.

How do we work with our clients to get the results you see here? We start with each new client by doing some simple exercises to develop their Wish List and Big Dreams. If you think of a chef preparing a gourmet meal, the Wish List and Big Dreams would be like the lists of ingredients for all the dishes that will make up the meal. But crafting a memorable, gourmet meal takes more than just throwing together some ingredients – it requires the right recipes, equipment, techniques, and expertise. Our Project Delivery Process takes our clients’ needs and desires and mixes them with our very best architectural thinking and strategizing, to produce great results time and again.

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We wish we could show in pictures how our clients’ lives experience a dramatic “Before and After” through the process of working with us. The freedom and ease of living that emanate from a life well lived, in a well designed space, just can’t be captured in pictures and words.

Imagine what your life would be like in a home customized to fit your lifestyle like a bespoke suit or couture gown – or for that matter, like your favorite, most comfortable, best loved pair of old jeans. Picture yourself coming home at the end of a long workday to a place that’s not just your house, but your refuge from the world, your own realm of delight, created just for you.

Parson Architecture Great Design Before After

We believe our process sets us apart, and our clients agree. Here’s what Parson Architecture clients have to say about us on

“We were looking to do a major remodel on our home and were immediately drawn to Earl’s designs. After meeting with him, we knew that he was someone we could end up working with . . . He takes the time to get to know the client and understands their needs.”

“Earl provided multiple layout options to consider with pros/cons of each version. He also was a great asset navigating through the permit process with ease. His demeanor is kind and conscientious; and his work is thoughtful…”

“He gave me plenty of opportunity to give feedback into the project and kept me closely updated on his progress all along the way.”

Parson Architecture Great Design

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